Canada and Beyond IV

We are happy to announce that we will be celebrating the fourth edition of the Canada and Beyond conference series, “Canada and Beyond IV: Bodies in Transit: Transitions, Translations, Transformations”, to be held in Vigo from June 20th-22nd, 2016.

On this occasion we have invited collaborators to consider the ways in which transit, as the liminal space that physically or conceptually evokes the potential for change, is an embodied process. As the title suggests, we are especially interested in papers that look to or from the transition, translation or transformation of embodied subjectivities within the context of Canada, and beyond, but particularly those that push against the limits of conventional understandings of what it means to be in transit.

Arising from the Bodies in Transit/Cuerpos en Tránsito research project (, this conference interrogates the effects that the neoliberal premises characteristic of the postmodern era and their globalization have on our conceptualization of bodies as repositories of difference. Specifically, we consider the very processes that construct difference onto bodies, taking into account on the one hand the material experience of the body and, on the other, its representation in a diversity of cultural products circulated in globalized cultures. Through this understanding of bodies and experiences, we seek to open debates/conversations on the ways in which these processes are transmuted on the body and within society.

Papers in the programme range over a variety of topics including:

Posthuman corporealities
Migration, immigration, emigration, bodies that transit between spaces or in the non-places of postmodernity
Literary and/or cultural translations
Selling/marketing diversity and difference
Globalization and flows of people, cultures, economies
Hybridity, Mestizaje and Identity
Trans* identities, narratives, representations
Literary, media, and transmedial studies
Institutions in transit and transition
Border studies
Global interdependence and affects

Title image courtesy of Po&Pla Audiovisualpoandpla